Increase customer lifetime value and revenue

We scale your diagnostic services to help deliver remote testing to your patients.

One solution for home and in-clinic diagnostics.

Support your patients with an end-to-end solution for at-home and in-clinic diagnostics.

custom-branded test kits

easy to use platform

bespoke tests 

easy-to-follow API documentation 

volume discount pricing


Why partner with us

100+ customisable tests We offer a range of blood tests to suit your patients’ needs — no matter where they’re starting from.
700+ partners We're trusted by industry leaders — like dieticians, nutritionists, fitness experts, and trichologists.
2.5m tests processed We've helped more than two million people learn about their health through our platform to date.
400,000 kits fulfilled

We help deliver a high-quality experience to your patients — at home, in a clinic, or a store.

Benefits of working with us

Manage healthcare remotely

Support your patients remotely without the need for GP visits.

Deliver additional healthcare services

Increase revenue by expanding in-clinic and at-home services.

Discounted tests

Provide accessible healthcare services to your patients.

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